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Sizes Available: S/M  M/L & XL

If you are unsure on your size, please measure your inner thighs around & under your butt.

S/M: Fits from 23 inches to 27 inches

Large: Fits from 28 inches to 32 inches

XL: Fits from 32 to 36 inches

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Price: $30 US Dollars

Shipping in Jamaica 1 working day

International Shipping: 5 to 10 working days Please allow additional time for Covid Restrictions


Who Uses Them

People wanting to take their fitness to the next level. Booty Bands give you a deeper glute/leg workout while using less weight or time. See results faster with less effort and strain on your joints. 

Booty Bands Couture Allure Clinic.jpg

How They Work

Booty Bands optimize blood flow  allowing blood to pool in your muscles (pump), which stimulates muscle growth. This muscle growth translates into stronger muscles & more muscle tone, lower blood sugar.

If you do not work out in the gym, it is recommended you wear after you have had our Butt lift treatment for 2 hours per day, under your clothing.  To increase your results do a minimum of 20 squats every day.

If you do go to the gym, we recommend you wear for 30 minutes at the end of your work out using only light weights.  Increase your results by wearing every day for a minimum of 2 hours under your clothes.

couture allure booty band results.png

Big Results

Booty Bands combined with our Non Surgical Vacuum Butt Lift, optimizes your workouts to deliver better results. For the heavy lifters, this means bigger gains with less effort. In fact, lower intensity workouts while wearing our Booty  Bands have similar results to high intensity workouts without bands.

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