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Vacuum Suction Facial

Vacuum suction is a facial treatment process that will lift your underlying tissue and make your structure beautiful.

The miracle affect is done through circulation of blood with the lymph circulation.

Individuals are provided with the treatment of vacuum suction which is just under the surface of skin tissue.


This causes stimulation of it’s the structure that lies underneath. People get the improvement of lymph circulation as well as blood flow due to the vacuum suction treatment. Due to this process transportation of metabolic waste through the lymph fluids by using the lymphatic system and lymph nodes can be effectively done.

couture allure facial vacuum.jpg

Other Benefits of Vacuum Facials

  • Tightening: When performed for several sessions on a weekly basis, you may notice that your skin is tighter and more toned. This can provide the appearance of a butt lift.

  • Sinuses: This technique can help clear your head of congestion and sinus pressure. The lymphatic system filters the body's toxins and waste through lymph vessels. It also circulates infection-fighting white blood cells, encouraging a more resilient immune response

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