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is the latest energy based technology that builds muscle and burns fat in 30 minutes minimum (depending on size), using a unique  0% Radiation electromagnetic field that passes through the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as destroying fat all in the same session at the same time!

Whether you would like a ‘bigger booty’, toned arms, toned calves or that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of, we are here to help you cheat your way there!!! A reduction of -19% fat with a course OR and +16% increase in muscle mass.

You can firm up your abs with 30 day ab challenges, crunches, yoga, pilates, and now EMSCULPT 20,000 sit ups / squats in 30 minutes.​​

Surgical treatments require lots of discomfort, high risks of side effects and down time for several weeks, not to mention lymphatic massages for weeks on end post surgery. EMSCULPT allows you to return to normal activities straight away, you can have it on your lunch break! EMSCULPT allows you to continue exercising, does not create swelling and has no after care, you can go straight back to work! Results are instant, but even better 8 weeks post the course of treatment!  


One of the most popular areas for EMSCULPT is the buttocks and as much as it is important to maintain an active lifestyle it can be hard to achieve goals such as ‘how to get a bigger butt in a week’ and in some cases all the exercise will still leave you with unsatisfying results.

EMSCULPT allows us to create a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift treatment which means no downtime so the treatment can be carried out 4 times over the course of 14 days, until you get your desired results. In some cases clients will see immediate results and the optimum results would be seen 8 weeks following your final treatment. EMSCULPT results can last up to 36 months, whilst maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  More info

The BBL Treatment:

The non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift with EMSCULPT penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue. The energy induces almost 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session, something that can’t be achieved at the gym. All this happens while you are lying on a bed during treatment.

During the EMSCULPT treatment paddles are placed on each buttock and strapped down with a band. You will be positioned on your front comfortably with pillows for 30 minutes minimum. You will feel a forced contraction on the buttocks in a rhythmic motion. The contractions are specifically designed to engage all the muscles in the buttocks to give you the fastest muscle building session possible.


Results last for 3 years or longer with maintenance/ aftercare.

Up to 70% Reduced on Our Summer Sale Packages.    Click on The Whatsapp icon in the bottom right hand corner NOW or Call:

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